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History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam

How is the History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam? Quran is the holy book of Islam. Quran has multiple miracles.

History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam

As Muslims, we need to know how is the history of the Quran. We know that Quran is the holy book of Islam. Quran is the word of Allah. Quran is a healing and mercy. Quran importance in Islam. Holy Quran is guidance for humanity. The Quran is the best book in the world. Quran is the best miracle of the prophet Muhammad.

History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam
History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam

History of The Quran: The One Whom Allah Chose

Before we understand the message of the Quran and the history of the Quran as a holy book of Islam, we need to understand the one whom Allah chose, to be the best of creation, and that is Muhammad (SAW)'s status, his level and who he was, and why Allah (SWT) chose him above all to give him that message of Islam and revelation. The truth is Allah (SWT) knows best and he chooses and no one has a choice in this regard. This is why Allah says, (surah) it is Allah who chooses the messengers As per His will, no one has a say in it. Allah chooses the messengers from the angels as well as from the people. So from the angels whom Allah has tasked with the various tasks, that Allah alone chooses. Why Jibril (AS) is the one appointed to come down with revelation is not my choice, it is not your choice, it is the choice of Allah (SWT). 

So we cannot question Allah (SWT). He is the creator. He is the decider, just like amongst us. Some Allah has blessed them with more wealth than others. Some Allah has given them, for example, the looks that some might consider handsome or pretty or beautiful and so on, more than others. It's up to Allah, it's Him who decides the type of eyes. I am going to have, you are going to have. The type of lips, I'm going to have, and how high or low, how tall or short I may be, how high or low in society I may be. Allah (SWT) blesses us in so many ways. Every one of us has blessings but sometimes they are different from the blessings that have been bestowed upon others. So I am blessed and so are you. What are the blessings Allah gave me sometimes they are different from what He has given you, but you are gifted in a way and this is something you and I need to realize a lot of us become depressed, so only because we don't have money, but we don't understand that sometimes we have other gifts of Allah, we have help sometimes, we have perhaps the capacity to sleep, sometimes we have sometimes the capacity or intelligence and various other things we might have so many gifts of Allah (SWT), so similarly it is Allah's choice, whom he gives what he gives and this is why Allah (SWT) has mentioned this in so many different places in the Quran, for example, Allah (SWT) says:

Are they jealous of what we have bestowed, what Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon some, above the others that which Allah has bestowed upon the people, are they jealous of the distribution of Allah (SWT), let them know that Allah has bestowed the family of Ibrahim (AS) with prophethood, with wisdom, with wealth, with Kingdom as well, the children of Ibrahim (AS). If you take a look Allah has blessed them with so much. And Allah (SWT) has indeed gifted them. However, Allah has gifted us in different ways. We don't have prophethood in our midst, because Rasoolullah (SAW) is the final of all prophets. But at the same time, we have different gifts of Allah, and we have the opportunity from Allah (SWT) to spread the good message of the prophets of Allah (SWT), Rasoolullah (SAW) in particular, and that would automatically give us the status that would be higher than those who do not do the same job.

May Allah (SWT) use us to spread goodness. No matter who you are, you could be a doctor. a lawyer, an accountant, a school teacher, a worker, a cleaner, you know a domestic worker, and so on, a helper, a nurse, a maid, whoever else, but you need to reach out to people, remembering that the message of Allah (SWT) will only reach people if we have good character and conduct. Without good character and conduct, you can be as knowledgeable as you want, you can be as clever as you want, you can have so much information, but you will never ever be able to let that information be disseminated in the correct sense. Because people look at you and they will get irritated. They will not want to listen to what you have to say, but if you have good character good conduct, even if you know very little they will want to listen to what you have to say, because of the way you do it and the akhlaq the character that you have chosen to dress yourself with, continue asking Allah (SWT) for this blessed character, so why do I start in this way because all goodness in terms of character is taken from the character of Rasoolullah (SAW). Allah blessed him as being the best of creation, but Allah chose for him a beginning that happened to be a specific direction. So if you take a look at the beginning of the life of Muhammad (SAW), on this earth, you will come to realize that he was born and orphaned, from birth, and that is a consolation for those who are orphans. 

That it does not mean Allah hates you, just because your father's passed away that Allah abandoned you. No, I always tell people if you are feeling down and depressed and sad, read surah taha read surah Dhuha, read surah Inshirah, the one after it, that surah, read it with its meaning and you will understand the gifts of Allah upon Rasoolullah (SAW) and at the same time you will understand the gifts of Allah upon you and me. And read the next surah where Allah speaks of difficulty and how every difficulty comes with an ease, with something easy about it. Those who have never seen difficulty will never appreciate what ease is, you know someone, for example, he's earning fifty thousand dirhams or riyal, fifty thousand riyals a week. Wow is that a good salary brother? Is that a good salary; would you like to ask the sister if that's a good salary? Mashallah or do the brother spend, InshaAllah, may Allah (SWT) make us people who are generous, Ameen. 

I mean if you earning such a great salary and you've always been spoiled for taste, you will never be able to appreciate it, one day when you lose your job and suddenly you have nothing. a week pass, a month passes, and so on, a year passes and you are struggling because I used to earn fifty thousand a week. Now I have nothing, so then even if someone offers you a job for twenty thousand you will take it and you will thank Allah, O Allah I thank you so much, Allah. What happened? You went through difficulty in order for you to appreciate the value of less than half of your salary but at the time when you had it, there was no value so when Rasoolullah (SAW) was born and orphaned, SubhanAllah it draws the attention of all of us to the fact that orphans, it does not mean that you have been orphaned, that Allah has punished you. He doesn't like you, he has abandoned you, you are worthless, and at the same time the value of the orphan in our eyes should be very, very high, the Prophet (SAW) says:
"My self and the one who looks after the orphan child shall be like this in Paradise"
And he pointed with two fingers, he joined them together, so if you'd like to be in paradise one of the ways of achieving Paradise and there are a million ways of achieving paradise, remember this, not only the way that you have is the way of entering Paradise. There are a million ways of entering Jannah, million and maybe even more. But when I say a million, I mean a lot so one of them is to look after the orphan, obviously you need to believe in Allah and your pillars of Islam need to be solid, then Inshallah the path will be made clear may Allah (SWT) help us though these paths so amazingly if the Prophet (SAW) was not an orphan, when one does whether, we would have taken a moment to look at the orphans as it is a lot of us who haven't had the difficulty. We sometimes don't even bother, we don't even look, we've never thought of orphans. How many of us have visited an orphanage here in this beautiful city of Doha? How many of us have just visited the orphanage let's see these. Orphans, they have value in Islam, we haven't, how many of us have tried to look out for orphans or dropped a few riyals, a few riyal coins or dollars into a little tin or donated to an organization that looks after orphans, how many of us? We are not saying a big donation but a small thing, but we imagine, we have been conscientize about it and at the same time we have still let our lives far away from it. What if it was not there at all in Islam, what if there isn't a hadith, what if the issue of widows was not stressed in Islam, what would have happened? 

History of The Quran: Muhammad and The Quran

The Prophet (SAW)'s mother was widowed before his birth, so Rasoolullah (SAW) was born that way and he was born from amongst the families that were respected in Quraish, and at the same time as he grew up he was known as a truthful person very calm. There were a lot of blessings surround his upbringing, so many, we believe the best of creation, the highest of all prophet, the best of creation, and the noblest of all the prophets of Allah (SWT). If you take a careful look at the entire upbringing of Muhammad (SAW), it was the plan of Allah so that people would know when the revelation came it was actually revealed and it was never ever written by him. Subhanallah, he had been a person who was the top, most eloquent, in the sense that before prophethood, if he was one of the most highly eloquent in the terms of the worldly understanding, you know you cannot say he was uneducated, that is derogatory, and that is not correct. He was the most highly educated in terms of what Allah had given him, but in terms of worldly ability to read and write, Allah kept it away,  and we need to understand this Allah (SWT) mentions it in several places in the Quran, it is Allah (SWT) who has sent amongst the community of unlettered, the bulk of the people were unlettered, the word unlettered is not a disrespectful term, not at all, it is Allah (SWT) who chose that for them, it was something that was not the in thing at the time in that community, the number of people who could read and write was actually. We could have counted them on our hands-on our fingers we could have counted them so it was nothing bad or derogatory, but Allah kept him to be from one of those so that no one would doubt later on listen to what Allah says:
You did not use to read and write, you did not use to read and write, you never read a book before this, before what, before revelation, and Allah says, the case perhaps those who had a doubt in their hearts would have created doubt in revelation. So if Muhammad (SAW) was well lettered and he read before and he people would have accused him of having read the scriptures and they would have said no this person has read all the scriptures and he has just come with something and it's being written that's it, but no Allah says we kept it that way so that nobody can create a doubt in the fact that this is a revelation, it's not just written, and this is why Allah (SWT) says surat in surat Furqan, al-Furqan referring to the Quran and it is known as the criterion, that distinguishing factor, Allah (SWT) says quite clearly, regarding the Kuffar and their accusation. What did they say? They said that these are the folktales of the past and they are being written and dictated, morning and evening. So there are some stories that we're, those of the book are familiar with and if they are only being repeated or dictated and he's taken it from other people. Allah says, say indeed it is he who has revealed this, who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth, the one who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth. So you will find the contents of the Quran such that nobody can debate it, no one can ever say a man in the desert who was unlettered has actually come up with this type of scientific, that even science disagreed with at one stage, but as it is progressing it is becoming confirmed, do you know what that means? You know we have wisecracks sometimes in our midst as human beings and they tell you the Quran is wrong because science negates it and you always close your eyes and tell them. You know what science is wrong today, tomorrow it will correct itself, Subhanallah, it's happened in the past, the people who said that the Sun does not move, remember they said that sometimes that later on, they said oh sorry you know what, it moves but very little, we didn't say how much it moves me, we only said the Quran says it moves and you wisecracks thought that science was it, scientific discovery depends on the experiment, your experiment could be flawed completely. You could have the Hubble telescope in the bubble, well the only bubble I know is the chocolate, have you seen it, MashaAllah, you could have anything, bubble and bubble but at the same time that bubble would burst if you're not careful. 

One day, when you realize that the findings are actually wrong. Allahu Akbar, may Allah (SWT) strengthen us, and may he grant us an understanding so as Rasoolallah (SAW) grew, he was known as as-Siddiq al-Amin. He was known as the truthful, the trustworthy, why was that the case? He was not known for a single lie, not one life, throughout his entire upbringing, and on top of that it is proven by several incidents that he was known as, a very intelligent person, very just and balanced very fair, why was he known as very fair? 

Let me explain, do you know the incidence of the Hajar Aswad when they had to put it back. Who did they select to solve the problem? The man who walked in was Muhammad (SAW) and they said the next man who walks into this area. He will be the one who will solve our problems, we have so many tried and each one wants the honor of putting the stone back in place when they were rebuilding the Kaaba. So Muhammad (SAW) walked in, immediately, they said oh that is, who's walked in, had it been a drunkard, had it been another person who perhaps did not have a good reputation. They would not have a dream, it would never even though they said the next man walks in, they would say is not this man. But because it was him chosen by Allah. They all agreed that was already confirmed that this man is very fair, very balanced, and you know how he solved the problem? He said okay, bring a big cloth so they brought a clock and he said to write all these the corners, the leaders of each one of this little clan, within these little tribes, within you you know hold one corner each and in the center, and all of you will hold and you lift it up and I will be the one who will have put it there and I will be the one who will lift from there into place. So the small job of lifting will be done by me, but the rest of the job of carrying it and transporting it to where it's supposed to be will be done by everyone collectively no one will be able to say we did it alone Allah (SWT).

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May Allah always bless us.

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History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam
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History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam
History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam

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