Understand the Quran By the Language You Understand

Quran is a Universal Message

Today, the world population is approximately 6 billion and about 25% of the world population are Muslim. About 1.3 to 1.5 billion Muslims are there in the world. And, out of the Muslim population approximately 15% are Arabs. And there are very few non-Arabs who understand Arabic as a language. So amongst the Muslim population, more than 80% of the Muslims don't understand Arabic

When a human being is born, he does not know any language. The child, he initially learns the mother tongue. So that, he can converse with the family members. Later on, he may learn the language of the society. So that he could communicate with the people around him. He may learn the language in which he is educated. Almost all human beings, they at least know 2 or 3 different languages. Some know three to five languages some linguists but most of the human beings. Almost all of them at least know two to three different languages

Isn't it a requirement that we should know the language in which our Creator Allah  has revealed his last and final message the glorious Quran? Isn't it a must that we Muslims should learn Arabic as a language to understand the Quran? 

I do not expect every Muslim to be as enthusiastic as dr. Morris, that they'd like to learn Arabic at the age of 50. But even if a Muslim does not know Arabic as a language yet he has got no excuse, because he can yet read the translation of the Quran. And alhamdulillah the Quran has been translated into most of the major languages of the world

Even though I agree that no translation is 100% perfect because a translation is a human handiwork and the Arabic Quran is the word of Almighty God the Creator. But in spite of that, these translations at least let us understand the basic message of the Quran, the basic message of our Creator Allah ﷻ. 

You Can Understand the Quran By the Language You Understand

You read the Quran if you don't know Arabic, read the Quran in the language you understand. If you understand English, read it in English. If you understand Urdu, read it in Urdu. If you understand Hindi, read it in Hindi. If you understand French, read it in French. If you understand German, read in German. You read it in the language you understand. Irrespective of whether you read the English translation, they will do the translation. Then in the Hindi translation, the French translation, or German translation. At least read the translation of the glorious Quran. So that you can understand the message of your Creator.

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