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The Quran

Without It, You Can Not Live

Without It, You Can Not Live Water is the most valuable resource on Earth. Without It, you can not live. More than a substance it has multiple values…

History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam

History of The Quran: Holy Book of Islam As Muslims, we need to know how is the history of the Quran. We know that Quran is the holy book of Islam. Q…

Understand the Quran By the Language You Understand

Quran is a Universal Message T oday , the world population is approximately 6 billion and about 25% of the world population are Muslim . A bout …

What is the Quran? What is in the Quran?

What is the Quran? It is a set of seventh-century revelations from God made to Muhammad in two cities, Mecca and Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia.…


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