Without It, You Can Not Live

Without It, You Can Not Live

Water is the most valuable resource on Earth. Without It, you can not live. More than a substance it has multiple values and plays a huge role in society. Water has centuries of history like human beings have.

Without It, You Can Not Live

The prophetic words about using water are amazing. A hadeeths narrated by Saad bin Abi Waqas: Prophet ﷺ   forbade extravagance(water) even if it was on a river. 
The holy Quran says: And do not be extravagant.
The values of water change according to the geographical area. 

Water is Important for Us

Some people use lots of water for their purpose because the amount of water they get is plenty. While others use less water and face insufficient it because the level of water they get is less. 

Whatever it be, the level of water is decreasing day by day. It becoming scarce. 1.1 Billion people face a lack of access to water Otherside 2.7 Billion experience water scarcity at least once a year. 

As the study says: By 2025, two-third of the world's population may be facing a water shortage. 
So use less amount of water, use it when you need. Don't waste a single drop of water because it's a precious resource in the universe that you will never get back once it lost.

✍🏻 Writer: 
Sayyid Mubashir Al-Hadhi
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